Dan Reed Network Origins CD Album  Review Tuesday 20th November 2018

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Dan Reed Network follow up their UK November tour with the release of their new studio album “Origins” released on Friday November 23rd 2018 via Reed’s own ‘Zero One Entertainment’ Label. This 8 song album has some real surprises on it and some finely crafted songs that clearly show that the band are continuing to mature and develop as songwriters.

Much of the sound and the feel of this album does take me back to radio airplay music of the 1980s and 1990s and, to be honest, at that time in my life I paid little attention to much of it as my musical interests were then in a very different place.  Hindsight is a wonderful thing though, and over the years, I have re-visited many of the bands and music from this period and realise now just how well- crafted much of this music was.

Dan Reed Network have built up a strong following since they formed as a band in their native Portland, Oregon many years ago, and their reputation for live show performances always ensures that the venues they play are well attended by fans of their music.  While being able to do the music live is probably now more important than ever in a fast changing digital world, sometimes I think that continually expecting a band to reproduce their last album note for note on stage is not something that is always necessary.  Live music performance and studio recording are two very different beasts, and the studio offers musicians opportunities for musical exploration that they simply have to explore.  “Origins” for me, although it still captures some of that energy of a live band, is very much a studio album, and a very good one at that.

There is on this album a seamless switch from the band from “rock’n’roll” to classic funk sounds, and some good new tracks mix in here equally seamlessly with a re-recording here of the earlier DRN classics – “Ritual” and “Rainbow Child”.  Many of the songs here are about the most basic of human emotions, and the exploration of our relationships with one another.  Songs like “Right in Front of Me”, “Let it Go” and “One Last Time” are simply very good songs with well written lyrics, harmonies and melodies.

The recording of this album was also a very unique collaborative project that invited the public into the recording studios across the world where the songs on this album were recorded. In doing so, people got the opportunity not only to witness how a recording studio works, but at times become further involved in the project itself.

The first single from this album is “Fade To Light”, a perfect radio airplay song, but there are so many other strong songs here that could have been that single.



1. Fade to Light

2. Ritual

3. Right in Front of Me

4. Forgot to Make Her Mine

5. Shameless

6. Let it Go

7. One Last Time

8. Rainbow Child

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Review by Tom King




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