Warden Martin & Walker Underneath the Deep Blue album review Sunday 23rd July 2017



Underneath The Deep Blue is the nine track debut album from Warden, Martin & Walker AKA Neil Warden (Weissenborn as well as regular guitars ), Gary Martin (vocals and harmonica) and Jim Walker (drums and percussion).

This may be a debut album, but all three musicians have long and varied musical careers behind them.  Both Neil Warden and Gary Martin will be familiar to many blues enthusiasts from regular solo performances and with numerous bands (look up the Jensen Interceptors to name just one), and both toured together for many years as members of Tam White’s band.  Jim Walker originally hails from Saskatoon, Canada but since coming to Scotland in 1984 has earned himself a well deserved reputation as a player and teacher of pipe band drumming, percussion and kit drumming.

This album is a mixture of  classic blues covers from Willie Dixon (I’m Ready) and Howlin' Wolf (Everybody’s in the Mood) and new music from Neil and Gary ranging from the classic blues influenced sounds “Bottom of the Sea” to the more ethereal soundscapes of “The Dream”.  Also included is a very good cover of the Curtis Mayfield Classic  “People Get Ready” and a tribute to their touring days with Tam White and his music with “Working Class White Boy”.

Taking everything together, this is an accomplished debut album with something on it for the die hard classic Blues enthusiast to the more progressive music lover.  It will be interesting to see where musical directions take all three in coming albums.




 1/ BOTTOM OF THE SEA (Warden/Martin) 5.30

 2/ HANG AROUND HERE (Warden/Martin) 4.46

 3/ I'M READY (Willie Dixon) 4.42

 4/ DON'T TREAD ON ME NO MORE (Warden/Martin) 4.21

 5/ EVERYBODY'S IN THE MOOD (Howlin' Wolf) 3.16

 6/ THE DREAM (Warden/Martin) 3.54


 8/ PEOPLE GET READY (C.Mayfield) 4.27

 9/ FRANÇOISE (Warden/Martin) 4.23


Review by Tom King


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