Wille & The Bandits Find My Way CD Single Review Tuesday 20th November 2018

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Wille & The Bandits have a new single out (released October 17th 2018) called “Find My Way” from their upcoming album “Paths” which will be released on February 1st, 2019 via Fat Toad Records.

The band are already known to many for capturing the spirit of “rock’n’roll” and their live shows have attracted praise wherever they have performed.  On this single, the band featuring Wille Edwards (lead vocals, electric and acoustic guitars) , Matt Brooks (bass and backing vocals) and Andrew Naumann (drums, percussion  & backing vocals) have captured much of the essence of a “live performance” on this studio recording, and a little bit of that feel of many of the great bands from earlier years that have gone before them, and so obviously inspired their music, and right from the few opening chords on this single, you can (depending on your age of course) so easily be back listening to favourites on your old vinyl record collection.  There is also an interesting change of pace and rhythm on this single that clearly shows that Wille & The Bandits are a band capable of far more than just  re-visiting sounds, but that they really do have the talent to create “new sounds” for a contemporary audience.

Wille & The Bandits are currently on tour, so there will be chances for you to catch up with the band live.  For those of us in Edinburgh, that opportunity will come on Thursday 21 March 2019 at The Voodoo Rooms.  The date is already in my diary as “Find My Way” does what any pre-album release should do – make you want to buy the album and see and hear the band play live.

Not intentional I know, but the opening line of the lyric to “Find My Way” is “I’ll find my way (I ain’t going back)”.  An interesting lyric of contradictions to me when I think of the band as, to me, the band are definitely finding their own way, but they are definitely going back to the classic sounds of a “rock’n’roll” band.

As I write this review though, I have to ask the question as to how much longer the physical “CD single” can survive in a world of on demand digital downloads as so many younger music buyers not only prefer the digital download format with the ability to take their music with them anywhere, but also may simply not have the physical hardware to play a CD these days.

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Review by Tom King




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