“The Story” is the 14th studio album from Runrig who, after celebrating their 40th anniversary in 2013 have taken the decision to make this their final studio album.

This final 11 track album features the following songs and was produced by the band’s youngest member Brian Hurren (who plays keyboards, accordion and sings backing vocals).  The album also features the 32 piece Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, and the resulting sound is a deeply rich layering of many music styles.

1. The Story
2. Onar
3. Rise and Fall
4. Elegy
5. Every Beating Heart
6. The Years We Shared
7. When The Beauty
8. 18th July
9. An-Duigh Ghabh Mi Cuairt
10. The Place Where the Rivers Run
11. Somewhere

Over the last 40 plus years Runrig, with their blend of Celtic inspired rhythms and music, are one of the few bands to develop an identifiable style of their own and one of the very few to have not only lasted over the years but gained more mainstream recognition.  It is always a pity that the music industry feels the need to categorise bands and music because, as this final album shows, Runrig are far more than just a Celtic Rock Band – they are talented musicians who create music that really has no marketing label – just simply very accomplished music.

There are many colours and musical tones to this album, but the opening song “The Story” (available now) really sets everything up for this work with its haunting melodies and lyrics.

This album has that classic sound that Runrig are best known for on many tracks, but there are some real surprises here, songs with wonderful lyrics and melodies – “Rise and Fall”, “Every Beating Heart” and “The Years We Shared”  stand out for me.  Personally though, it is the final track here “Somewhere” that is a personal favourite  with the story of souls on an immortal journey.

 “The Place Where The Rivers Run” with its story of bringing music to the people is also a most fitting track for this closing album

If there is one thing though that this album really makes me want to do it is try and learn Gaelic.  The use of Gaelic on some tracks/in songs in this album make me realise what a beautiful sounding language it is and how much I am missing by not understanding it.

The Story is a fitting final album of quality that closes a line of studio recording albums from Runrig as it deserves to be closed.

As part of this final studio farewell, Runrig are also touring = check out  for more details.
Runrig – The Story is available from Friday 29th January  2016.

Tom King


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